CESI is the U.S. DOE sub-grantee for three states’ Energy Offices: Virginia, Maryland, and Tennessee. We have served county and municipal clients from Maine to California and New Orleans to Cleveland. We work for foundations, federal agencies, property managers and housing developers, authorities, PACE financing franchises, community-based Energy Alliances, national Policy organizations, utilities, and small-business start-ups.

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Our Services

CESI supports our clients in grant proposals, organizing and marketing their programs, procuring and managing their contractors, and documenting and reporting on their achievements. We provide “owner’s agent” services on energy-related contracts. We help justify, budget, and validate our clients’ work, and provide graphic evidence of its benefits. We write winning business plans, resilience plans, performance contracts, technical manuals and parametric models. We generate revenue by marketing energy efficiency “attributes.” 

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Clean Energy Solutions, Inc. is a consulting organization of experts in energy efficiency and performance contracting. CESI builds new enterprises and programs for government, nonprofit, small business, and foundation clients. We help them succeed and sustain themselves, reducing energy expense and emissions while improving facilities of all types. 

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